Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions determine the scope of allowed actions each user can perform in Print Tracker. Roles are comprised of a group of distinct permissions. We'll go over each role and the permissions it supports.

Permission Master Admin Admin Buyer User Remote Technician Configurer Remote Technician User
View user details X X X X
Download Print Tracker installer X X X X
View alerts X X X X
View devices X X X X
Include children toggle on "View devices" X X X X
View new devices X X X
Bulk actions on "View devices" X X X
Bulk update alert status X X X
Update alert status X X X
Add devices X X X
Update or delete users X X
Create or delete entity X X
Edit entity settings X X
Manage entity X X
Create new user X X
Update device settings X X
Change device tracking status X X
Send Print Tracker deployment email X X
Edit install settings X X
Request meter reads X X
View jobs run by installs X X
Bulk import devices X X
View meter history X X
Create and manage reports X X
View reports X X
Move entity in hierarchy X
Remove jobs from the jobs list X
Configure Remote Technician X X
Use Remote Technician X X