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In some cases, antivirus software can interfere with the installation and operation of Print Tracker. While this is uncommon on most computers, some enterprise-grade antivirus solutions may flag Print Tracker malware. It's important to understand that Print Tracker is not malware, and that it is safe to install and run on your computer. Sometimes malware will falsely assume that Print Tracker is malware because it exhibits many of the same behaviors as actual malware, for example Print Tracker :

  • Automatically upgrades itself when a new version is available.
  • Automatically starts when your computer starts.
  • Scans your network using various protocols.
  • Collects data from devices on your network and uploads that data to a server.
  • Makes low-level system calls to the Windows API in order to talk to the Windows printer spooler.
  • Stores and retrieves values from the Windows registry.
  • Scans the process list to find other instances of Print Tracker that may be running.
  • Reads and writes log and database files to the local system.

While there are similarities in the heuristics of Print Tracker and malware, Print Tracker is a well-known data collection agent provider and has been in the industry for 19 years.

Installation Issues


If you are having trouble installing Print Tracker, try using a generic installer instead of a one-click installer.

Print Tracker supports several different methods and some methods are more prone to antivirus interference than others. For example, Print Tracker provides one-click installers which are more likely to be flagged by antivirus software because these installers are generated on-the-fly.

Click the button below to download a generic Print Tracker installer. This installer will not automatically register so you will need to obtain a data link code from your dealer.

Network Policies

Most networks support all Print Tracker features out-of-the box without any modifications. We've found that some more restrictive networks may require some additional configuration in order to allow Print Tracker to communicate with the printers on your network or with the our servers.

If you are experiencing issues getting Print Tracker to work properly, please make sure your network is compatible with the our network requirements.


While Print Tracker can be installed on many different platforms and hardware, we generally advise against installing Print Tracker on laptops. Laptops are often removed from the network, are taken home at nights and weekends, or are put into sleep mode.

The accuracy of the data Print Tracker collects relies on the agent being online and able to communicate with the printers as much as possible. If the agent is offline, it will not be able to collect data from the printers. If the agent is offline for an extended period of time, it may miss critical like supply replacements.